We are looking

As part of our art trading activities, we are constantly looking for:

Paintings from the Belgian school of the following artists:

  • Evelyne Axell (Namurian painter)
  • Yvonne Perin (Namurian painter)
  • Simone Toussaint says <Simone> (Namurian painter)</Simone>
  • Luc Perot (Namurian painter)
  • Jeanne Salentini (Namurian painter)
  • Jean-Pierre Félix (Namurian painter)
  • Nestor Outer (Belgian painter – Virton)


Orientalist paintings by the following painters:

  • Nestor Outer




Silverware of the following goldsmiths:

  • Philippe Wolfers and Marcel Wolfers
  • Delheid
  • Puyforcat
  • Altenloh
  • Tetard